Smoothie Bar

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What We Do

About us

BLENDIT Established Since 2019, BLENDIT is owned by parent company, Beverage Experts Egypt is an Egyptian Company one of our sections specialize in producing and developing various ranges of beverage premix and base powder, drawing from finest ingredients, as well as knowledge of local and overseas F&B product and market trends. BLENDIT has helped independent cafés, hotel chains, and everyone in between simplify operations and increase the revenue of their coffee sales.

Why Choose Us

Our beverage premix powder allows you to save time & costs where you can serve your dessert drinks just in 3 minutes. Product quality is our top priority, every batch of the product is to be produced and packed with steps of quality. We ensure our every batch products are consistent in texture, taste & color.

Awesome taste

A range of luxurious flavours and taste a sensation you will never forget!

No Preservative

While we care about the shelf life of our products, we care more for the lifespan of our customers.

Ready to use

1 Kg make 20 cups 12oz ( 340ml)- Quick & simple to use 3 steps done in 1 minute.


We aim to push ourselves to be the most reliable and competitive supplier of Frappe and Smoothies Beverage in Egypt with the customer being the central force driving us. With convenience for customers in mind, we aim to help them do what they do best.


We source our ingredients from Trusted renowned suppliers, thereby supporting the advancement of the beverage industry in Egypt. Our goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, so as to enhance customer satisfaction all the time. We provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products at the most competitive prices.


Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for: • Customer-centricity: A commitment towards our customers to deliver our best to fulfil their demands. • Quality: We seek to excel in everything we do, which reflects in our products and services. • People: Our people are highly committed and dedicated to the cause of the business and customer service.

  • To helping business owners and members of the industry grow, educating them on product innovation , and offering them the best quality, pricing, branding and marketing solutions.
  • To exceed the expectation of our clients and form long-term partnerships with them.
  • To deliver exceptional value and services.
  • To be innovative and to think long term in start and planning for our future brands.